Filter press

Filter press
The filter press is produced by the company in accordance with the requirements of the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, brewing, juice and other industries. It can greatly increase the liquid recovery rate and reduce the moisture content of the filter cake, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing consumption, reducing production costs and improving the competitiveness of enterprises' products.
This machine adopts squeezing bin, full hydraulic drive system, programmable controller (PLC) control, can provide a variety of process curves, and has automatic feeding and automatic unloading functions.
Equipment performance index
Fully automatic press model Production capacity (m3/h) Work pressure(MPa) Motor power(KW) Way to control
RTZL200 1 0~20 5.5 PLC
RTZL300 2 0~20 7.5 PLC
RTZL400 3 0~20 7.5 PLC
 Remarks: The company can design and customize according to the specific requirements of customers.
Working principle
1. Under the control of PLC, the PLC sends a signal to the control mechanism of the feed valve, the control mechanism executes the action, opens the feed valve, and the processed material is injected into the fully automatic press, when it reaches the set processing volume , PLC controls the feed valve to close.
2. Then, PLC controls the action of the main oil cylinder to perform the pressing task. The main oil cylinder is driven by the oil pump to press the material with high pressure. The press designed by our company can be fed and pressed multiple times according to the specific needs of customers to increase the processing capacity. In the pressing process, the separated liquid flows from the bottom to the sump, and then discharged to the customer's collection tank for collection and treatment for use.
3. When the set number of pressing times is reached, that is, when the processed filter cake reaches a certain thickness, PLC controls the press to hold the pressure at one time, and the hold time can be set according to the actual operation. In this way, the liquid in the material can be squeezed out as much as possible, so as to realize the separation of solid and liquid, the moisture content of the filter cake is reduced, and the valuable liquid is recovered as much as possible for reuse. Open the bottom valve and remove the filter cake.
Application performance
1. The solid-liquid separation efficiency is high and the filter bag is not easy to be blocked.
Especially for materials with high viscosity or relatively fine particle size, the efficiency is much higher than that of the plate and frame filter press to achieve solid-liquid separation; and during the working process, there will be no material blockage.
2. The wet base content of the filter cake should be lower than that of other machines.
Due to the principle of high pressure pressing, this type of filter press will filter out the liquid in the filter cake as much as possible. The filter press capacity of the plate press is far superior to other filter presses.
3. The subsequent processing cost is low.
Due to the low wet content of the filter cake, considerable energy consumption is saved for subsequent drying and other post-processing. At the same time, it effectively reduces post-processing pressure.
4. High filtrate recovery rate, and effectively reduce the loss of low-boiling filtrate.
Due to the principle of squeezing, the solid and liquid are separated as cleanly as possible, and the liquid residue in the solid is low, and the liquid that cannot be recovered by conventional methods can be recovered, avoiding unnecessary waste. The airtight squeezing form can eliminate vacuum filtration and avoid the loss of volatile liquids due to vacuum filtration. At the same time, the power consumed by the vacuum pump can also be omitted. Therefore, it is a good choice for the recovery of precious solvents or mother liquor or liquid products.
5. Airtight operation, good working environment; explosion-proof performance meets the requirements of Class A explosion-proof. It can meet the requirements of high explosion-proof work occasions.
6. Fully automatic operation, automatic operation of feeding, filtering, unloading and other processes, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and is far superior to the plate and frame filter. There is no need to perform high-strength manual operations such as "setting and unloading the frame". Improve the operating efficiency of workers and the utilization rate of the press.

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